Saturday, 1 May 2010

How-to spin with a spindle

Very briefly these are the main steps you need to take in order to spin yarn with a spindle:
[caption id="attachment_1707" align="alignleft" width="164" caption="The Spinner by William-Adolphe Bouguereau "][/caption]

  1. Attach a piece of yarn (a leader) around the spindle.

  2. Draft out some of your fiber to spin in with the leader.

  3. Get your spindle to spin around and then park it between your knees.

  4. Draft out some of your fiber while holding a finger to make sure the twist does not travel up your fiber before you are ready.

  5. Let go of your finger and let the twist travel up your drafted fiber while using your fingers to stop the twist traveling further up your fiber.

  6. When you have spun a piece of yarn like this, unhook the yarn and wrap around the spindle leaving enough of a leader to continue.

For more tutorials have a look at this:
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