Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Therapy of Crafts

Having just spotted this article in the Guardian about "Working with your Hands : The secret to Happiness?" It got me thinking about a little anecdote that I think it was Robin Wood who told at the HCA Forum (I apologize if it was indeed someone else). He told a story of having to dig out and/or lay down a path. People would come by and say things like "that looks like hard work". Well I am sure that it was hard work but his point as I understood it was that people seemed to feel sorry for him, that he should have to do this hard work.

Coming from a family where hard work is just a given I don't feel sorry for people who have to engage in it. It's great and you get a sense of achievement from working with your body. Whether it is working in the garden, repairing bikes or engaging in a craft. It also made me think back to the forum and the discussion about the point of doing crafts. On my table we agreed that one of the great things about crafts is that it can work as therapy for the people who engage in it. It can help people to focus and concentrate. It works for children, people with psychological issues and just about anyone else too.

And talking about Robin Wood - just wanted to point you all to the Robin Hood movie coming out this week. Take note of the wooden bowls - made by Robin Wood.

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  1. i always admire Robin Hood even during the times that i were still a little kid*


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