Thursday, 17 June 2010

Review: Playing with Books

[amazon ISBN=159253600X][/amazon][amazon ISBN=159253600X]Playing with Books[/amazon]
By Jason Thompson, 2010
ISBN: 9781592536009
Book-making or book-binding is maybe not a particularly old craft and the development of big publishing / book binding machines that produced all the 3 billion books published in 2008 means that the handcrafted book binders out there are small fish in a big ocean.
Jason Thompson is one of these and he has on the side of the family bindery business discovered a whole world of exciting things you can do with the books that nobody wants. In "playing with books" he does a really good job of up-cycling, deconstructing and re-imagining the 'book' taking us from the craft of book-binding to the crafts of paper-cutting, origami, decoupage and jewelery-making with a stop-over at the arts.
Some of his ideas have quite inspired me. Close to the date of our first wedding anniversary (paper anniversary) I am of course thinking a lot in terms of paper crafts at the moment. I love the little baskets he has made out of book pages. I may have to try this out for my yarn. The butterfly mobiles are also really cool. But what really fascinated me was the art in the back of the book. That in itself is worth checking out.
So if you are a book lover or just into paper crafts I would say that this book is definitely worth your while for all the inspiration it can provide.

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[amazon ASIN=159253600X][/amazon][amazon ASIN=1592535240][/amazon][amazon ASIN=1402756151][/amazon]

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