Thursday, 19 August 2010

There is a future for the Textile Conservation Centre

For those of us who were worried it is with relief to hear that there is going to be a future for the Textile Conservation Centre (TCC) at the University of Glasgow. When the TCC formerly of the University of Southampton and placed in Winchester was shut down it was a great loss as it is was the only research and teaching facility of it's kind in the UK. Here are some snippets from the press release:

'The new centre for Textile Conservation, History and Technical Art History will focus on multidisciplinary object-based teaching and research that encompasses conservation and the physical sciences as well as art history, dress and textile history.'

'The new Centre will inherit existing library intellectual property and analytical equipment from the TCCF, so that staff and future students will be able to draw on the key physical and intellectual assets built up over more than 30 years.'

'The first student intake is planned for September 2010 offering a 2-year Masters in Textile Conservation and a 1-year Masters in Dress and Textile History as well as opportunities for doctoral research. These new courses will join the existing Masters programme in Technical Art History, Making and Meaning, as part of the Centre. '

'The TCC Foundation exists to support textile conservation research and education in the UK.'

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