Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Review: Man Crafts

[amazon ISBN=1588167933][/amazon][amazon ISBN=1588167933]Man Crafts[/amazon]
By the Editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine, re-published 2009
ISBN: 978-1588167934

This pocket sized book will tell you everything you need to know about manly crafts. At least that is what I thought when I first saw the book. After reading through the concise, well written chapters, I soon discovered that rather than being a complete instruction manual, it ignites your inspiration to investigate further.
The book is a re-publication of an old book from the 1940’s-1950’s. After the war, people wanted to spend as little money as they could get away with. They wanted to know how to make things from everyday objects. They wanted to re-discover some of the skills that had almost been lost with the casualties of war. So this book was published to give men a starting point; a reminder of ‘lost’ crafts. It also promoted a number of smaller projects you can do without losing ‘face’ with your friends.

If you want to learn how to use a coping saw, make a candle holder from a tin can, or make a pouch from leather, then I suggest that you give this book a try. Just be careful, all the measurements are in inches.

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[amazon ISBN=1588167933][/amazon][amazon ISBN=1565232747][/amazon][amazon ISBN=1588165094][/amazon]

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