Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Traditions: Orange Pomander

For me the clove studded orange is a very traditional reminder of Christmas. Sticking the cloves into the oranges was something I remember my Grandfather doing as he didn't have the patience for making other Christmas decorations. It is also a tough job, well suited to his hardened fingers. The cloves can be sharp and the orange skin a bit tough. Nevertheless, I always make myself a couple each year as a reminder of my Grandfather.

The making of orange pomanders is a Christmas/New Years custom, which could be given as a gift wishing prosperity on the  receiver. The idea of having a pomander was used in Medieval times probably as a way of bringing a more pleasing scent to it's surroundings. On School of the Seasons there is a longer explanation about the history and use of pomanders around Christmas time. If you wish to make your own it really is as simple as taking an orange, sticking some cloves in it and tying a ribbon around it. But if you wish to learn how to preserve it for the years to come have a look at the tutorials bellow.


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