Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blog inspiration: Rosa from A Ervilha Cor de Rosa

Rosa Pomar is the lady behind the blog 'A Ervilha Cor de Rosa'. Her blog is written in Portuguese as she lives and works in Lisbon, so unless you are fluent in Portuguese too, you have to translate her blog to read it. However, with the functionality of Google Translate this is not as big an issue as you might think. With every post she has some lovely photos so her blog is also such a pleasure to look at.

Living in Lisbon she is the perfect person to take you on a crafty tour of the city. It was already somewhere I would love to visit but now it is even more so. She looks at traditional crafts and talks to traditional crafts people about spinning (do fiar), knitting, tiles (quadrados), and quilting.
Her posts are so beautifully presented and the most interesting part of the blog from a history perspective must be her textile history posts.

D Laudecena of Peroselo teaching Rosa to spin (copyright Rosa Pomar)

If you have any interest in the African textiles from John Gillow's book of the same name (reviewed here) you might also be interested in Rosa's posts on African textiles.

Blouse made by Rosa from African textiles (copyright Rosa Pomar)

Rosa also sells her own craft work at Retrosaria.

Finally let me just say - if you do read Portuguese and find that I have misunderstood something on her blog, do let me know (preferably in a gentle and nice manner).

Do you have a favorite blog that you think I should take a look at then give me a nudge about it. I am always looking for new inspiration and interesting stuff.

The images in this post are copyright of Rosa Pomar who has kindly allowed me to use them for this post. If you wish to use the images please request permission directly from Rosa.

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