Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review: Ethnic Knitting Discovery

Ethnic Knitting Discovery: The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and the Andes
Donna Druchunas
Nomad Press

Review by Eddie

Donna writes in the introduction: 'Today, published patterns are everywhere. But that doesn't mean that you can find just the right pattern, when you have a project in mind'.
How right she is! This is why she has written this book, which explored how knitters in different parts of the world approach knitting and create unique garments and accessories.
The book contains no patterns but instead has a sample garment and a sample accessory for each country. The countries in this book are The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and The Andes.
I would like to knit a really nice sweater for my husband from this Jacob's wool that I have begun spinning. I am sure this book will be very handy when trying to figure out the sizing and shaping as I haven't yet found the perfect pattern.
Donna teaches you how to get the size right by making some measurements and working from them. There are different options depending on whether you are a knitter who is ready to work from a basic concept, a knitter who wants to plan thoroughly in advance, or a knitter who would like detailed instructions.
Basically, Donna is teaching us to knit from very basic principles in a way that has been used for generations. This is a truly unique and extremely useful book.

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