Sunday, 12 June 2011

Review: Sampler Workbook

Sampler Workbook: Motifs & Patterns
by Caroline Vincent, 2010
A & C Black Publishers

I have a sampler from when I was born. My mother designed it and my grandmother did the cross-stitching. Growing up I’m not sure I saw the point of it all that much, but now I cherish it dearly and I can’t wait to make some for the next generation. And boy am I full of ideas from looking in Caroline’s book.
It is simply a treasure trove of motifs and patterns presented in the most delectable fashion. The book is divided into categories: buildings, figures, trees, animals, border patterns and floral arrangements. Each chapter begins with the history of this specific type of motif.
Caroline also leads us through the history of the sampler; telling us the story of those who made the samplers and those who enjoyed their decorative beauty.
So if you are interested in the history of the sampler this book is a great read. Furthermore, all the motifs and patterns in the book make it a wonderful source book if you are interested in making your own sampler or embroidered piece of work.

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