Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Traditions: table decoration

For me Christmas just isn't the same with out candles. The light from candles is ultimately cozy or in Danish 'hyggelig'. As a girl I remember helping my Grandmother making table decorations with candles in them using evergreens, fruits, nuts, ribbon and other fun things. Here's the decoration I made for this years Christmas table.

First I decided on the bowl to use. Make sure it is watertight. I start out with a block of florist foam or Oasis, which I place in the middle. You can place your long candles directly into the foam. I just happen to have these wonderful tea light holders. They are safer as they keep the candle wick far away from anything that can burn.

The next thing I do is to add a good layer of greenery. I would have used fir in Denmark but since I have no fir trees around I have used other evergreens.

The final bit is to add some extra decorations. For this decoration I have added some stars. Have a go yourself and enjoy a bit of 'hygge' at home.

Just a little safety notice. Don't turn your decoration on and leave it. I like to only use it if I will be sitting at the table for a while. Otherwise, I know I will forget it and probably come home to a bit of a disaster.

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