Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dyeing with Elderberries

[caption id="attachment_2529" align="aligncenter" width="456" caption="Elderberry dye soup"]Elderberry dye soup[/caption]

The Elberberries were out in full bloom a couple of weeks ago and I decided that it was time to try some more berry dyeing. I still didn't have a regular mordant like Alum so once again I turned to the tutorial 'Making Natural Dyes from Plants' for their instructions on using salt as a mordant. I had a go with the same wool I used last time for the Blackberry dyeing and I am at the moment knitting up some berry socks by making stripes with the two yarns. As I had quite a large amount of Elderberries I decided to have a go at dyeing this pink raw silk fabric I had lying around. I like the colour it turned out but I did make one mistake though. I learned later that when dyeing silk you shouldn't boil it as silk goes hard when it reaches higher temperatures. My piece of silk did go slightly hard but nevermind. I still used the silk piece to sew myself the Bubbly Berry Skirt which you can see on my blog 'Grey Duckling'.

[caption id="attachment_2528" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Before and after dyeing raw silk with Elderberry"]Before and after dyeing raw silk with Elderberry[/caption]

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